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Most of our designs , as well as the fysical construction of the fabric, are developped by our own team ...

Major advantages

By years of experience we can reduce the lead time for new developments
Direct contact with the designers 
Better protection of designs to prolongue exclusivity


By contacting our designers directly we can :

Design on demand
You provide us with a description what type of designs you are looking for. We then come up with samples as to discuss where to go from there. 
Make stories based on a design we you have selected 
By selecting various elements in a design we make you a complete story so you can present a nice book  to the customer.
Select colourways that are unique
You often need colours that aren't always present in an existing collection.  We can discuss the possible colourways you need and have them woven out in a matter of days, so you have the exact colour range you desire.


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